Meet the Staff

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Head Teacher

Mrs D Brewster

Teaching Staff

Mrs R Blessing - YR, Deputy Head & SENDCO

Mrs N Gill - Y4

Miss L Lamptey - Y2

Mr P Squires - Y3

Mrs C Watson - Y1 & Y2 Weds pm, Y3 & Y4 Fri pm

Mrs M Young - Y1

Teaching Assistants

Miss S Darabi

Mrs R Flynn 

Mrs L George - Nurture Assistant

Ms J Mason

Mrs C Moyes

Mrs C Randall - Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Roberts - Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Spavins - Cover Supervisor

Miss J Waller - Nurture Assistant

Miss C Wall - Cover Supervisor


Catering Team

Mrs C Thompson - Catering Manager

Mrs D Levick  - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs M Refai  - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs O Rutter Kitchen Assistant

School Office Team

Mrs G O'Hara Office Manager

Mrs J Sanderson -  Admin Assistant

Mrs J Smalldridge - Admin Assistant

Mrs S Miljevic - Clerk to Governors

Mid Day Assistants

Mrs L Neale

Mrs H Nourse

Mrs A Ratore 

Mrs A Tsang

Mrs N Walker

Pre -School Team

Mrs K Turney - Pre-school Leader

Mrs F Clay - Pre-School Assistant

Miss S Geal Pre-School Assistant & MDSA

Mrs T Kehoe Pre-School  MDSA

Mrs J Smalldridge - Admin Assistant

Site Agent & Cleaning

Mr P Hobday Site Agent

Miss A ButlinCleaner

Mrs R Flynn - Cleaner


Stay & Play Team

Mrs J Light - Leader

Mrs A Mitchell - Leader

Mrs C Randall - Assistant

Mrs N Clarke - Admin Assistant

Miss K Mitchell Assistant (relief)

Mrs A Ratore - Assistant

Mrs J Smalldridge  - Assistant (relief)