Canal Trip


      Stoke Bruerne Tuesday 15th June 2016



'I enjoyed the sand story' Rosie
'The locks were heavy' Finn

This term we have been learning about canals and the adventures Rosie and Jim have.  On Tuesday 14th June the Reception children visited Stoke Bruerne Canal and the museum.  We saw lots of narrow boats and were very lucky to help open and close the lock.  It was very heavy so we all pushed and pulled.


We went on a boat called 'Charlie'.  We went in a very dark tunnel and learnt about how people long ago used their legs against the tunnel wall to move the boat along.  We visited the museum and played 'I Spy' looking for all the different things.


After the picnic were able to dress up in traditional clothes that people wore a long time ago when they lived and worked on the narrow boat.  We found out how canals were built and how hard people had to work.


We had a lovely day and managed to miss the showers!

'I liked the tunnel because Paul turned the lights off' Arabella
'I like the boat trip the best' Lyra

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'I liked learning about the canal' Tommy