At Dovery Down Lower School there is a strong focus on developing the children's literacy skills. Many opportunities are provided for the children to develop their communication skills.​​​​​​​​​​ From the Early Years onwards, the children are encouraged to talk about what they are doing, what they are thinking and people's feelings. The children participate in discussion, bring things in from home to do with their topic to present to the class, use drama and role play to develop ideas for writing and they speak in assemblies to an audience. They learn to speak clearly and with confidence.


The message that reading is for pleasure and is about enjoyment is implicit in our teaching. The children choose a reading book to read at home every day. They do whole class reading, guided reading, paired reading called 'reading buddies' and when appropriate silent reading. Our reading schemes have been purchased to ensure a range of materials appropriate to the needs of every child. Children are taught phonics from the government scheme, 'Letters and Sounds'. The school and home partnership is held in high regard and parental help will be sought to foster children's interest in books and reading.

Children are given lots of opportunities to enjoy writing for different purposes and audiences. A joined handwriting style is taught from Reception class onwards. There is daily dictation practice throughout the school to develop handwriting, spelling and sentence structure. Children are taught grammar and spelling rules. Parents are also asked to help with the leaning of spellings from word family lists which children take home on a regular basis.


There is an English lesson each morning and literacy skills are developed through other subjects throughout the day.

Handwriting at Dovery Down

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