All pupils have a daily mathematics lesson. We use a variety of practical resources to develop secure understanding. Different learning approaches are used such as paired problem solving, using computer programmes and practising calculations.



Each maths lesson begins with a mental arithmetic session. Children are encouraged to be able to work out answers to questions quickly in their heads. We think it's important for children to learn their times tables in random order so they are practised throughout the school on a regular basis. Parents can help their child to practise at home. Children are awarded certificates when they know their times tables as facts.


Children regularly practise the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, so they can calculate efficiently. Calculations policies are sent home at the beginning of key stage one and key stage two so parents can use the same approaches in order to support their children's work at home.

Y1 Maths Skills and Knowledge Progression

Y2 Maths Skills and Knowledge Progression

Y3 Maths Skills and Knowledge Progression

Y4 Maths Skills and Knowledge Progression