The aims of the School Council are to provide support to not only the school itself but also charities. Money raised for school is used effectively in order to make the school a better place.
School Council have led some Thursday assemblies where they can discuss their role and remind other children of their duties.
The School Council collectively think of ideas in how to raise money. Regular meetings take place and everything is well planned.

 'We are the school council and we have a voice.'


What we do

We ask children for any ideas or worries they have, or things they would like to change at school. We then meet as a team to talk about these ideas to make the school better, and make it more fun for everyone. We see if we can do anything ourselves first, then we decide if we need to speak to the teachers. After a school council meeting we have some time with our class to feedback any decisions or ideas.

We think the School Council is very important because it is a way we can tell teachers what the children think about the school and how we think it can be even better.

Why we like being on the School Council

We like being in the school council because:

It's fun

We get to make decisions

We get to meet and share ideas

We are part of making the school better




We are so grateful to all the schools that have taken part in SHINE BRIGHT, WEAR BRIGHT 2022, and we would like to say a huge thank you to you and Dovery Down School for doing so.


Your support makes a huge difference to our work ensuring that children & young people in Luton, Bedford and Central Bedfordshire continue to get the help they really need!

We raised £101.33

Wear it Pink Day – Friday 22nd October

Everyone looked fabulous in pink and red on ‘Wear it Pink’ day.  
We raised £119.75 for the Breast Cancer Now charity. 
Thank you to all who donated!!