Wardown Park Museum


30 September 2015


"My favourite part of the trip was when we got to see Richard. Richard was pretending to act as a teacher from WW2"

Ruby Snee

"I really enjoyed the trip and my favourite part was learning about a WW2 housewife and their duties"

William Brooks

"The best part of the trip for me was learning about the gear that the soldiers wore and I got the opportunity to go up and model how soldiers cooked their meals"

Tom Carmody

"I liked going on the trip yesterday and my favourite bit was when I was given the opportunity to go into the Anderson Shelter and see what it would have been like back in 1939"

Charlotte Squires

"I really liked it when I got to go up and model the soldier jacket and helmet. The helmet was really heavy and the jacket was quite warm as it was made out of wool"

Jacob Thomas